Monday, 23 February 2015

Tortoise Cosie

A work colleague asked today if I could make her a tortoise cosie. Naturally, I immediately pictured a tea pot with a tortoise shaped cosie cuddled round it. But no - she didn't mean that sort of cosie at all. She went on to say she wanted it to look like a turned out she actually wanted a cosie for her tortoise, not a tortoise cosie for her tea pot!!!
She sent me a picture. OMG...that's so funny!

I may have to do a bit of research on tortoise cosies...

Or how about one for your guinea pig?!

See these and more designs like this in Mossytortoises Etsy shop here

I haven't felt like making anything for ages but I did feel a little stir of something when I saw this...
I had a pet tortoise myself when I was very young. His name was Slowcoach. If I still had him, I would now be making him outfits!!!

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