Saturday, 18 April 2015

Cherry tree

There's a lovely little cherry tree at work, on the lawn outside the office. It has bloomed very late this year but suddenly on Friday last week, I noticed the first handful of flowers opening. By Monday it had burst into full bloom! Just look at this photo taken Tuesday afternoon, isn't it lovely? -
Tina's Allsorts Cherry Tree
Sadly the blossom didn't last long. With the glorious sunshine and strong winds we've had this week, it has nearly all blown away and the bronze coloured leaves are rapidly emerging. This is how it looked by Friday, just 4 days later -
Tina's Allsorts Cherry Tree
While I was saving these photos to the computer, I came across one I took seven years ago at work. We were in a different building then and had an extensive garden behind us. Adam, the gardener at the time, used to take great pride in mowing the lawn every Wednesday morning and putting stripes in it. Clearly he was bored one day and decided to go for something a little different! You had to be on one of the upper floors to fully appreciate it though.
1 The Close,Winchester,SO23 9LS
He didn't have time to look after the garden properly, which was a shame but I spent many happy lunch breaks walking round the garden and would often have a large vase of flowers on the desk in the summer. Indeed, if the traffic permitted and I arrived early at work, a quick walk round before taking to my desk was quite a treat - I even kept a pair of wellies by the back door to help with the heavy dew! And in case you're wondering, yes, this photo was taken from the window behind my desk. Luckily, I faced away from the window or I would never have got any work done!
I took some lovely photos in the garden - I must find them out and post a few here. Maybe set up a gallery page? Not today though - the sky is still blue, the birds are singing and I don't want to stay inside!!

PS If you read yesterday's post "Relaxing with crochet", can I just say they weren't really my hairy legs! I don't think I actually said that and I wouldn't want to give anyone the wrong idea...

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