Sunday, 12 April 2015

Scissor keeper, pin cushion & pin box

One of the blogs I read is Sandra of  Cherry Heart and just over a year ago she posted a lovely little crochet Boho Heart she had designed. (She has a lovely blog and it's well worth a look if you have time, with lots of pretty things she's made - some with a free tutorial and some with patterns for sale.)

I used Sandra's pattern to make myself a little padded scissor keeper. It's also very handy to use as mini pin cushion/needle holder when you're crocheting or sewing and constantly cutting off ends etc.
Heart Scissor Keeper
I simply followed Sandra's pattern and made 2 hearts, then crocheted them together with a little stuffing inside. I added a few beads as decoration and a crocheted loop to attach it to my scissors.
I thought it would be nice to make one for Mara to go with the little pink scissors I've bought - 
Boho heart scissor keeper
As soon as it was done I got cracking with the pin cushion. (The decorating is drawing to a conclusion so we were able to put the dining table up - hence the sewing machine came out to play for this one!!) I used the lovely floral fabric from the needle-case and the last scrap of lace from her book cover on one side, and that last teeny piece of pink gingham managed to sneak in on the other side. I had seen some lovely pink polka dot binding that had a little white picot edge and just had to buy some. However, it was very hard to attach and doesn't look brilliant. Had I thought through mitring the corners and joining the ends, I would never have used it... 
Pin cushion

Pin cushion
Those sweet little heart topped pins you can see in the picture needed an equally sweet little box to keep them in. I used an empty swan vesta match box, which I gave a couple of coats of pva glue to stiffen it nicely. Then it was covered on the outside with some pink patterned paper and the inside had a pink felt lining.
Swan vesta pin box
(It actually took ages to make but turned out well.)
(Update - Do NOT line your pin box with felt! Your pins will grab hold every time you try to put them in! Line with paper.)

Then I returned to the needle-case one last time. I had emailed a lot of the staff at work asking them to each donate a button or 2 to go in the sewing kit. Some of the buttons were so lovely that I stitched them into the needle-case. In the front I put an antique glass button from a 1950's dress. And in the back, several colourful buttons.

I think I've made everything I wanted to, so it's time I actually put together the complete sewing kit.
But that will get it's own post!

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