Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dress a Girl meets Pocket Love

I've been wondering whether to make a little something to slip in the pocket of the dresses I've made for Dress a Girl UK and wondered if my little friend Emma might like to help. I know she enjoys making things and last week happened to see something she'd made in felt which got me thinking. 
Remember when I made the Pocket Love hearts back in March?? I thought perhaps something along those lines might be just the thing. Not necessarily hearts, more something you might call a "what not".

Well, yesterday I spent a lovely evening with Emma (she's 6) and explained what I had in mind. 

I'd already put together a little sewing kit for her (not as good as Mara's sewing kit as I was in a rush - sorry Emma) and had found a pack of felt with lots of colours, and a few old embroidery threads.
She kept asking if she had to give it all back when I went home!!

She was quite eager to get started and quickly began suggesting her own ideas of what we could make and we settled on a two colour diamond to begin with, decorated with buttons and a little embroidery. 
Here she is, concentrating hard on what's she's doing.

We used some cardboard to draw the diamond template (she knew all about templates and stencils already!) and she chose some pale blue and white felt - influenced by her favourite film Frozen perhaps?!
I cut out the felt diamonds (the scissors weren't very sharp), helped thread the needle and make the first stitch but Emma did almost all of it after that. She really enjoyed adding just the right amount of stuffing to make it plump but not fat!

Here she is  - doesn't she looked pleased?

I was also hoping that Emma might model a couple of the dresses for me as well. Although I haven't made any in her size (she's a very tall 6yr old!), I thought she could wear one as a top with a pair of leggings. 

She did eventually relent and put one on - just one mind! - and it took a LOT of persuading but I think it was worth it.

It was very satisfying to actually see one of my dresses on someone as I doubt I'll ever see the eventual recipient wearing it. Very satisfying.

Dress a Girl - Tina's Allsorts

 Emma's diamond will go in the pocket of an age 12-14 dress and I'll make some child friendly versions for the baby/toddler size dresses.
She's going to make some more for me during the school holidays - I can't wait to see them!! And as I'm also aware of the need for dresses to be sent off to Jayne & Jacqui ready for shipment around the world, we'd better get a move on!!


  1. what a lovely model she is! and those whatnots are just so sweet. how about the idea the guides had earlier this year, draw around a tin on two pieces of felt in a sunny colour, on one embroider a smiley face and on the other attach around the rim little loops of colourful ribbon. Join the two together leaving a little gap, and stuff a little in the centre then finish up the gap. these are lovely sunshiny smiley huggables! Thanks for all you have done!
    Jayne from DAGAW-UK

    1. Thankyou Jayne, that's a great idea - I'll pass it on to Emma. I wonder if she's made any more yet?...
      Tina xx