Monday, 12 October 2015

Vintage Buttons

Just a quick hello today. I've been busy making little zipped purses and wanted to add something to the zip tab to make them easier to grab and pull open. I thought perhaps a short length of ribbon with maybe a button threaded on it. I went through my button jar to see what might work and came across this little card of buttons. I once bought a bag of buttons in a charity shop and there were quite a few still on their original card. Looking at these, I had to stop and ask myself if I had ever worn any underwear that required buttons, never mind button that were boil proof!! I realised yes, I had once had an all in one "thing" that opened at the crotch - they were all the rage. And I was young. But it had poppers not buttons. And it certainly wasn't made form a fabric you could boil!!

PS The chocolate was disappointing. I'll stick to chocolate buttons and pringles...
And Lucy of Attic 24 has an update on the Flowers for Memories. After "going on show", they will still be sold as originally planned.

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