Sunday, 31 January 2016

Sophie's Garden Mandala Cushion

Well, it's finished - my Sophies Garden Cushion cover. I'm still not completely happy with my colour choices on side one of the cushion. Side two had more thought put into the colours, so is quite different from side one. I also made it up as I went along rather than simply do another version of side one. I bought a 40cm square cushion pad and altered it into a circular (ish) pad. It's not bad though and I think a 7 year old girl will be quite happy with it. Luckily she's now out of her pink pink pink phase, as the cushion is definitely not pink!

Tina's Allsorts, Sophies Garden Mandala
Tina's Allsorts, Sophies Garden Mandala

It was quite enjoyable to make and the pattern instructions were absolutely FABULOUS with close up photos of every single stitch. You really couldn't go wrong. I must admit I'm tempted to make the full blanket version. But I'm also tempted to make this -

Tatty Teddy!! Isn't this just the cutest crochet pattern you've ever seen?! I saw it in the pattern book at work last week when I was helping a customer and I immediately put a copy by, along with a ball of wool. Goodness only knows when I'll actually find the time to make it mind you.

I still need to crack on with the little Pocket Love Hearts. I made a few more last week, in amongst hooking the cushion cover. I must take them to work this week and start trying to sell them. I haven't decided exactly which charities it will be for yet. I thought perhaps some could go to Compassion, as the hearts are made using the threads and beads from a friend who was a great supporter of them.

Once the hearts are done, I have 2 crochet blankets that still need to be finished. There's my Rippling Clusters Blanket, which I haven't touched for several months now. It's long enough to keep your legs warm if you use it as a lap blanket but it was supposed to be quite a bit longer than that!

And then there's the Crochet Star Blanket I was making for my Mum. She had Alzheimers and died before it was finished. It was only going to be small - about 3 ft square - just to lay on the bed and add a splash of starry colour. All the star shapes are made and pinned together. I just need to finish joining them and adding a border of some sort. Ah well, one day...

I'm sure there were lots more things I was going to talk about today but I can't for the life of me remember what they were. Work is still horrendously busy and I'm seriously worried that something important is going to be missed and everything will go bang. Before I can finish one task, someone wants something else done and I'm hopping from one thing to another, with no sequence.
I'm doing my best but I can only do so much and I fear disaster is looming on the horizon.
But it's a disaster of their own making, as they repeatedly refuse to take on a temp to help. I'm seriously considering changing my name to Wonder Woman...

I'd like to say "see you next week" but it will probably be at least a fortnight before I pop back again...

Ooh - I nearly forgot!! This happened last weekend!! Another "magic" number on the view count of my stripey blanket on Ravelry. It's taken nearly 3 years to reach 11,111. I wonder how long before it gets to 22,222??...

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