Saturday, 30 April 2016

Slowly,slowly ...

The baby blanket is progressing a little slower than I'd like. It's my own fault though. Last Sunday I foolishly timed how many squares I could make in an hour. Five. Just five. I already knew how long it took to make each one,so why didn't I just leave it at that?! But no - then I started working out how many hours it would take to make the 108 squares I'm aiming for. Over 21 hours. That's 3 days in the office. Then I've got to join them. Then work the border...ah well.

I lay them out on the floor again today.

Still looking good, although some of my squares looks smaller than the others. I keep wondering whether to block them before joining, so decided to have a go.
I popped them in a bowl with some fabric softener for a few minutes, then gave them a good spin in the spin dryer. No not really  - I used the salad spinner. Do you ever use your salad spinner for small items?  It works a treat. In fact, we've never actually used it for salad.

Then I fashioned a little frame from cardboard and knitting needles - saw this idea on Pinterest. 

Then I threaded all the damp squares onto it and it's now sat on the radiator to dry. They only just fit - I should have done two batches really. Little Miss Impatient...

A lot of people say you can't block acrylic but it's worth a go. I could have waited until the whole blanket was done, then washed and blocked it and I'm sure the result would be the same. I'm up to 76 squares now - 32 to go. That's 6 1/2 hours...

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