Saturday, 18 June 2016

Ooh, that's bright!

My 2nd bargello cushion cover is coming along nicely. To be honest I haven't done very much of it this week. And I have yet to take a photo that shows the colours as they really are. But they're bright!
It's growing quick enough though. But it's really annoying when you get to the end of a length of yarn with 4 stitches to go...
And I'm mulling over what I can make to use up the left over lavender/green wool. A little zipped pouch? A scissor keeper? What do you think? Any ideas??
Tina's Allsorts, Bargello Wave
In amongst my bargelloing  this week (okay,  I know that's not a real word!) I've been hunting for a crochet cardigan pattern but every sample I've worked up, although it comes out okay, you can't really see the stitch pattern because the variegated yarn changes colour so fast it really draws your eye away from the pattern. This is the sample from the Chinese pattern I liked. Stretched out on my black trousers it looks good but without the black, you really can't see it, so why go to all the effort to work what is a somewhat complicated pattern.

Soooo... I thought what about this pattern? I used it to make a gorgeous waistcoat a couple of years ago. It's a 4ply pattern and I'm using DK so I've done a little sample to check the tension and work out which size I'll need to make. I'll adjust the neckline into a scoop neck, plus add sleeves of course. And keep my fingers crossed it comes out okay...
I've set up a project page on Ravelry to keep track of the adjustments I'll make etc.

Just got to get cracking now! Right, cast on 210 stitches with an elastic foundation row...

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