Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A little Sheepish something...

Back again! This is the little something I wanted to share with you -

This is my Sheepish contribution to this year's Yarndale, although I'm not expecting to go... one day maybe.

Having requested crocheted bunting in their first year, mandalas in their second and flowers last year, this year they have asked for either crocheted or knitted sheep. This is my effort. I think she looks Sheepish rather than sheep like and she doesn't have a name yet. I've been meaning to make a little sheep for ages but suddenly realised I'd better crack on as it's now September. Having just checked the website, they need sheep by this Friday! I wonder how big a flock they'll get?...
They will all be sold off at the show and afterwards in some charity shops in Yorkshire, raising funds for a children's hospice there.

If you want to join in you'll need to get cracking! Here's the link to Lucy of Attic 24's crochet sheep and Frankie Brown's knitted sheep. Go on - join in!

On the CAL front, I promised a photo of the bag back. So to speak! Here it is, along with the front. I really, really like these colours together. There's no way I'm adding any gold on part 4. I did see that there is a variegated version of the turquoise blue available but I think I'll carry on with the pink for now.

Part 4 is released tomorrow afternoon, so I know what I'll be doing when I get home from work! Can't wait!!

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