Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Bits & bobs

Last week was so busy at work that I felt as if I was going quietly mad!! (Although I daresay my colleagues would say I did it quite vocally!) It was so busy that by the weekend I didn't even have the energy to pop by and say hello. This week is no better either... Plus my computer decided to die on me so I packed up and left a bit early, hence my brief hello today.

I'm going to share one final picture of my Peacock Tail Bag now that it's finally finished, strap and all!! And it's also for sale, should you be interested - just email me.

There were so many things buzzing around my head that I wanted to make over the weekend but I just couldn't concentrate on making anything really. So I just bought a couple of charity shop magazines instead and look what I came across from 4 1/2 years ago -

Yes, an article about Dress a Girl UK!!! Fancy that!! I really must make some more dresses - I have the fabric, it's just the inclination and the time I lack at the moment.

Tina's Allsorts, Bargello Alliums

I thought it time I showed you how my Bargello Alliums piece is progressing. It's coming along rather slowly to be honest... I do seem to recall saying it was going to be a labour of love with quite a bit of stitch counting and I wasn't wrong!! There are 2 whopping great mistakes - well, they are to me at least! - and I haven't managed to get much done in the shop as I keep going wrong... But it's getting there slowly. Very slowly!!
Do you like the mouse cushion?? It was a birthday treat to myself from the fabulous Fiona at Marmalade Rose. She makes the most amazing pictures from wool tops and she's self taught too. As well as selling framed pictures, she also has a good selection of prints on fabric, cushions (they're faux suede and really nice quality), and lots of cards too. Go and take a look through her gallery - you really won't believe her pictures are made from tufts of wool with a little machine stitching. There's so much detail they really do look like paintings. Amazing.

Finally, before I go, did you see the sunset last night?? It was a cracker! I am blessed with living in a house that faces west, so always get to enjoy the best of the sunsets but I haven't seen one this good for a while. At 6pm it looked like this - 

It made me think of an oil painting where the artist has used a pallete knife to spread his paint in broad strokes. Half an hour later the sky was on fire, as they say.

The weather is supposed to hold for the next ten days or so, so hopefully I'll managed to get out and enjoy some autumn colour and fresh air - I could certainly do with it!

Have a good week yourself!! T xx

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