Sunday, 9 October 2016

Lots to do

A busy day today and it all needs to be squeezed in before I head out for a visit with a friend for an early dinner and a trip to the cinema. We're going to see Deep water Horizon - the trailer looked good and we're hoping they didn't put all the best bits in it!

But before then I need to take up a large pair of lined curtains for my sister (they will be followed by a second pair next weekend, then make a matching roman blind).
I also want to finish the strap for my peacock tail bag. I crocheted the strap yesterday and need to back it with fabric - I'm now thinking I'll make the length adjustable which means I need a "buckle". But I didn't buy one and I doubt I have one tucked away somewhere that's big enough.
I'd also like to start the gusset on the purple and pink crochet bag - did I show you that? I know I put it on fb. ... anyway, here's a quick pic -

That's the strap laid around it. The bottom section started with free form crochet which I've never done before - great fun until you try and join the "arms" and get it flat. That was a fiddle! It'll do though.

I had a lovely email this week from Lucy of Attic24. Yes, The Lucy. The actual LUCY!! I'd sent a message to the Yarndale team to say thank you for sending the little sheep (now called Lucy in honour of The Lucy) and got a reply from the Crochet Queen herself! She has also now published a list of all the people who made the flock of sheep - I only just got mine in in time, I'm almost last!

My Lucy was made by Angela in Lincolnshire - Thanks Angela! And chosen for me by Roma of Martin's House Hospice - Thanks Roma! 

She's now very at home in the office with Geoffrey the Cat and his friends. 

Oh, and I need to do the supermarket run too. I've just hung the washing out - it's Cold outside! - I may have to run back out and rescue it as one of the neighbours said they're having a bonfire today. Joy...
I'd better say goodbye and make a start really. Need to jump in the shower first! 

Have a good day yourself!!

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