Thursday, 12 January 2017

Two Ta-Dah's and a sad goodbye

Let's do the sad bit first shall we?? I will be waving goodbye to my lovely cat Blackie tomorrow. She has continued to attack our other cat Fluffy, so I have had to find her a new home. She's going to live in Winchester with a lady from work, who I am sure will make a big fuss of her and love her as much as I do. She should have moved house last weekend but decided to be rather ill and have an emergency (and expensive) trip to the vet one night, followed by 3 nights sleeping on my bed while she recovered. She seems to be ok now - I would have felt terrible if she had moved house and then been ill... I will miss her. She is so friendly and incredibly soft and silky.

And now the Ta-Dahs!

I finished my Dad's lap blanket very fast indeed and we're both very pleased with how it turned out. (Even though he didn't smile for the photo, he really was pleased. I think...) The colours really do work well together and I've decided to go back and buy the rest of the wool I had put by so I can make another as a gift for someone else. Then I might make another in spring colours. Followed by summer colours...
In fact, I enjoyed it so much I might even make a completely separate page dedicated to the blanket, with ideas on different colourways etc. Hmmm...maybe. If I can remember how to create and add a Page! (Update - There is now a page called Cosy Stripe Blanket, and a button on the sidebar too.)

I've also been knitting another hat - my Dad took a fancy to the cabled one I made myself before Christmas, apart from the huge pom-pom I added! His is a much simpler pattern based on double rib and worked in a chunky tweed effect yarn. I found the pattern on Ravelry and like the blanket, it worked up very quickly. He couldn't wait for me to actually finish it before trying it on!! It would have looked better if I'd made it on a smaller needle but he wasn't complaining.

That's all for today - talk again soon.

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