Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Look what I won!

Remember I said I'd won runner-up for my tea cosie?? Well my prize arrived this week - a very large bag of wool!!

I was expecting probably 3 or 4 balls and was hoping they would at least be in a colour I liked. But no - my "yarnie goodies", turned out to be enough yarn, complete with patterns, to make 3 projects!! And it's all Sirdar Cotton which is beautiful to work with as well - woo hoo!!
Want to see??...

There is 700g of airforce blue with a pattern for a cap sleeve cardigan, another 700g in a pinky/bluey/yucky (!) variegated colour with a sleeveless top pattern. And finally 200g in a bright pink/navy variegated colour with a bag pattern.

I really can't believe how generous a prize it is!! And there might be a photo of my cosie in the magazine as well.

Quite when I'll have time to start using it I don't know but I do like the air force blue colour and the pattern with it was quite nice too. Although I do have a cabled sleeveless top pattern tucked away somewhere that would work too. 
My sister liked the look of the other variegated colour, so that may be heading her way. 

I must get in touch with the local Marie Curie branch and ask if they'd like the cosie as a raffle prize perhaps - I ought to find a tea pot that it will fit to go with it first though! Although someone might like a tea pot complete with a cosie to keep as an ornament and use only occasionally, if there's no pot with it the cosie will just get chucked in a drawer and that would be a shame.

That's all for now - oh, except to say my shawl is finished (except stitching in the ends) and blocked, I just need to take some pics to show you.

See you again soon!  T xXx

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