Wednesday, 14 February 2018

A project bag for Mara

If you've been with me for a long time, you might remember when one of my friend's went out to the Philippines to visit Mara, a little girl he sponsors. Looking back , I made several things for her, including a little needlecase   - the tutorial is still on it's own tab at the top of the page. He had the most amazing and emotional time and promised her he would try and visit her again.
He will indeed be going for what will probably be his last visit to her - when she turns 18, sponsorship and therefore contact stops.
Naturally I wanted to make a little something for him to give her again and I opted for a project bag this time, which I then filled with embroidery threads, along with needles, scissors and a small hoop. I don't know if she even likes sewing, never mind embroidery but she can always pass them on to her Mum and friends. I'm sure they won't go to waste! I made it about the same size as the other project bags I've done and added a little felt label with her name (badly) embroidered on it.

Tina's Allsorts, project bag

I'm looking forward to hearing about his visit and seeing all the photos of their time together - what a trip it's going to be!

If you're interested in reading about what I made her before and his previous trip,  you could follow the link above , or go through the archive to around March and April 2015.
(I've just been having a look back myself and apart from it bringing back a lot of memories, I  was surprised at how much I used to write back then compared to now. I think that's down to instagram more than anything else. I've gotten so used to writing short little posts regularly,  I've sort of forgotten how to write a decent length one. Also, I normally write my posts on my tablet, so I'm doing it with one finger not a keyboard and it's hard to add links etc. I should make more effort to get the laptop powered up!!)

I wonder what the temperature is in her part of the world? It's been really cold here! It's supposedly around 6 degrees C but often feels so much colder with a biting wind. Brrr! I'm desperate to go for a long walk but I really don't want to brave the cold. At least it isn't raining today - I'm tired of the rain that seems to have been with us almost constantly for weeks. It hasn't really, it just feels like it. But the days are getting longer at least - it's so good to be able to drive to work and back in daylight - even if the traffic has been horrific!

I'll pop back later in the week with some pics of last week's dog coats being modeled by their new owners. They're a really good fit thank goodness but I'll be happier once I've heard if the buttons are easy to do up on a wriggling dog!!!

See you later.  T xXx

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