Saturday, 28 March 2015

Cactus Flowers

I like to have plants at work. I have quite a few in fact...Luckily, the window sill is very deep!
A year or so ago I bought a little cactus that was in flower and put it right in the window and did my best to neglect it in the hope it might flower again. Well it has!! Just look at this -

Cactus Flower

I have a Haworthia as well in a pretty multi coloured pot - it's actually a tea light holder but after much hunting, I found a plant pot that just rests in the top.
This plant also sits right in the window and has thrown out a long flower stem that must grow at least an inch a day and the tiny flowers are finally beginning to open -
Haworthia Flower

They're so tiny and delicate and I can't imagine what type of insect pollinates it.
I have a mother-in-laws tongue as well that has been with me for about 10 years now. His name is Spike. He did flower once and they were gorgeous little star shaped flowers that didn't open until late afternoon and come morning, they had closed and withered. Clearly designed to attract night pollinators. I have some photos somewhere but they're on the old laptop/hard-drive - I really must copy them across...

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