Saturday, 21 March 2015

Pocket Love #3

They're done!! They don't have the embroidery I had planned on doing though. We're about to start decorating, so everything had to be tidied up and packed away but I think they're ok. They're so tiny they'd look wrong if I tried to do too much on them anyway.
There are a dozen of them and I thought Mara might like to give them to her family and friends.

Before packing everything away, I had made a couple of felt hearts, decorated on both sides - one for Mara and one for my friend. Hopefully, all the recipients will like them and perhaps go on to make their own versions to give away.
I thought it might be a nice idea to put together a little sewing kit for Mara, with some reels of thread, a pack of needles, tiny scissors and a few little pieces of fabric, felt, lace, ribbons and so on. Had I thought of this sooner, I could have made a little quilted zip-up bag, a needle case, scissors case etc etc. Even the dining table has been taken apart, so there's no-where to use the sewing machine anyway and with virtually everything packed away, whatever I make will now all have to be hand stitched. But I don't mind that - it's quite therapeutic and shows you've taken extra time and care over making it.
Of course, I may need to buy more crafty bits in order to make things for her...

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