Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Theatre Trip

Another theatre trip - I'm getting very cultured!! This time to see to Kill a Mocking Bird at the Mayflower, Southampton.

To kill a mocking bird

I actually went last week and started to write a post but got side-tracked and forgot.
We had no idea what to expect but weren't disappointed with the production. It all took place on just one stage set - the only things that changed were a tyre hanging from a tree and the type of table/chairs along both sides of the stage. The whole cast was on stage almost the whole time and different members would take the role of narrator, almost passing it back and forth in each scene.
The courtroom scenes were quite gripping.
It was quite funny to listen to the 2 chaps behind us during the interval. They didn't look the type to go to the theatre at all - more a beer festival type really!!! Sorry lads... They didn't get the "chalk" at the beginning - 2 members of the cast drew a street plan on the stage but as we were in the stalls we couldn't fully appreciate this. And they thought it strange the way the furniture was moved around the stage in an "elaborate way". But it was such a simple set, it wouldn't have been right to have a stage hand try and do it without anyone noticing. The cast moved the furniture, so made it part of the show. Elaborately. And lastly, they thought it odd that the part of the narrator was filled by several people, often in the same scene. But it worked. And the 3 children in it were very good. The only character I wasn't keen on was Atticus himself. But when you've seen Gregory Peck play the part that's not surprising.

The only thing to spoil an otherwise enjoyable evening was that unfortunately, the seat my friend was sat in broke just as the interval came to an end. Rather than make a fuss, he had to try and sit upright for the next hour... He sent them an email the next day - not really complaining, just making them aware so they could fix it as much as anything. He got a reply straight back apologising and offering complimentary tickets to any of the next 5 shows. What brilliant customer service!
The only one we can both make is Spamalot. Should be interesting...

We've already booked tickets for The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time but that's not for 3 months yet.

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