Sunday, 19 April 2015

Circular crochet shrug

I've been thinking over the last couple of days about what I can start making. Now that I've finished all the things I was doing for Mara I'm getting itchy fingers!
I got my crochet ripple blanket out this morning (see the link in the sidebar) and hooked a row but didn't really feel like doing much. With the glorious sunny weather we've had for the past couple of weeks, I felt more like making something summery, not a nice warm blanket...

Then I remembered the wool I bought almost a year ago. I bought a lovely dark blue &  burgundy variegated wool by King Cole and made a crochet waistcoat but at the same time I bought 3 balls of Stylecraft Summer Breeze in Bluebell. It's a lovely soft lavender blue and white, cotton/acrylic mix. The dark blue/burgundy waistcoat was finished fairly quickly but I soon discovered that it was rather warm and it was put away for the winter. I didn't want to make another in my summery wool as clearly it would be too warm to wear in the summer. So the wool got put away... but now it's back out and raring to go!!
I've decided to go for an open lacy style circular shrug. I've had a good hunt around in Ravelry and Pinterest for a pattern and at the moment I've settled on this one by Heidi Walsh -
I didn't want anything too simple in the centre but at the same time, as I'm using DK wool, it can’t be too complex either. Heidi’s looks just about right. I've no idea what size hook to use, or even if I’ll have enough wool and as I bought it nearly a year ago I won’t be able to get any more…
(Heidi adapted a tablecloth pattern to make it - can you tell?...Please don't remind me of that fact if you ever see me wearing the finished article!)
Now...just where are my crochet hooks??...

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