Sunday, 12 April 2015

Mara's Sewing Kit

In case you haven't been following what I've been making and why, here's a quick recap.
One of my friend's sponsors a 12 year old girl called Mara, who lives in the Philippines. He's going to visit her very soon, through the company that organises the sponsorship - Compassion.
I wanted to make something for her and decided initially on a book cover. Then I made some little hearts, which was followed by a needle-case and then putting together a sewing kit.

This is the final stage - the sewing kit. I've bought all sorts of bits and bobs to go in it and quickly "out-grew" the little tin I bought for it. So I bought a second one. And filled it. Then I bought a third one. And filled it. The rest will have to just go in a little bag, I daren't buy another tin...
Here's the bulk of the bits and bobs I've collected - including a mini bar of chocolate, a bird brooch and some brooch pins.
Sewing Kit Tins
I went through (some of) my fabrics and pulled out/cut some small pieces in an assortment of colours. I got carried away and ended up with a pile that Fills the extra tin I bought...Luckily, due to the decorating, a lot of my fabric was packed away, or I might have chosen enough for 3 or 4 tins!!
Hopefully, she and her friends can use it to make all sorts of things with it (all sorts, get it??) and who knows, maybe they'll be able to make things to sell and earn themselves a few pennies...
Sewing Kit Tins
Wouldn't you just love to have a sweet little tin full of fabric to play with??
Sewing Kit Tins

Sewing Kit
Hopefully, I've managed to fill these little tins with the right tools to make a really useful sewing kit for Mara.
Who knows, maybe she'll develope a love of crafting and designing like I did and will still have these tools into adulthood...

I've really enjoyed putting it together and making things for Mara. What am I going to do now?...

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