Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Oh yes, and thankyou!

And I keep meaning to say Thankyou to those of you who take the time to stop by and read my little blog, however you should come across me. I can see there are some people who have been back several times. It means a lot and I love to see what part of the world you are in.
A while ago I added one of those live feed things that records where people "come" from when they visit my blog. I'm sure it doesn't record everyone though - perhaps it depends how you find me? Some people come via Ravelry, some from Google, a few from facebook. If anyone knows of a better program I'd love to hear about it.

Looking at the stats that blogger records, I've had views not only from the UK and USA but Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Ukraine, Israel, Greece, Philippines, Ireland, Japan, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain and New Zealand. So far...
So thankyou one and all and I hope you've liked at least a little of what you've read here.

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