Thursday, 7 May 2015

Spring blossom

I've been lucky enough to see some beautiful spring blossom this past week. During a lunchtime walk in Winchester I came across this lovely house with an amazing wisteria growing round two sides. You can't see from this shot but if you looked to the right, ie from the back of the house, there is a glorious uninterrupted view of the water meadows and St Catherines Hill. Quite something believe me.

The next day I took a walk through the park by the River Itchen. It had been very windy overnight and this little tree and it's neighbour had dropped most of their blossom in one go! The photo doesn't do justice to the delicate shade of pink in all those petals. It looked like a luxuriant carpet and it was very tempting to scoop it up and throw it up in the air like snow!! 

And my visit to Hillier Gardens over the bank holiday? Perfect walking weather and plenty to see ~
Tina's Allsorts Magnolia - Hillier Gardens

There are still some magnolias flowering, although now they are clothed in bright green leaves. 

There aren't many blue bells to be found at Hilliers, unless you know where to look. There will be more to come but there aren't the huge deep blue drifts I long to see...
not yet anyway.
Tina's Allsorts, Rhododendron - Hillier Gardens
love taking close ups of flower centres. Absolutely LOVE IT!!! So much detail we normally miss.

Tina's Allsorts, Tulips - Jermyns House, hillier Gardens
And how about this for a promise of the summer to come?...Luscious hot pink tulips! They looked breathtaking. A complete contrast from this time last year when the beds outside Jermyns House were a drift of Forget-me-nots. You may need to zoom in to see them in this shot!!
I can't wait to see what the beds are planted up with come summer. But before then, there are still all the azaleas in Brentry Woodland, drifts of alliums in the centenary Border and the peony beds to enjoy! Not to mention my all time favourite flower - Bellis perennis, the humble common-or-garden daisy. You just can't beat it...
Tina's Allsorts Bellis perennis
It can even hold it's own in a shot-glass flower arrangement!!


  1. Oh my goodness, your photos are stunning!

  2. Thanks Josie - I'm glad you like them! I love taking photos and often take far too many trying to get them perfect! It's nice to be able to share them.

    Tina xx