Thursday, 13 August 2015

Another Ta - Dah !!

Actually, there are two ta-dah's today. Here's the first one -
Tina's Allsorts,Dress a girl
The first batch of dresses ready to send off, along with their little pocket what-nots. I actually packed them in a strong carrier bag in the end, when I realised the box alone weighed 450g !! There were 13 dresses in all, with about half of them being size 2 and size 14, plus one size 5 and one adult. I wonder what the receiving girls will make of them?...

Now to start batch two and another ta-dah straight away!
Ever since I first saw Jamie's Peasant Dress Pattern, I've been itching to make it! Knowing that C&H Fabrics had some of their cotton fabrics 25% - 50% off, I finally headed off in search of 2 toning fabrics and was so excited I got cracking as soon as I got home from work on Tuesday. (I'm paying for that now mind as I still have back ache after hunching over my desk all day, then hunching over my sewing machine...)
I'd managed to get a print out of the pattern for once and cut out the biggest size, age 7-8, and following Jamie's excellent instructions it went together very quickly - it probably took about an hour and a half. (Excluding the pockets, which I made the next night and they took another hour at least!)

The lighting wasn't very good by the time I finished and I didn't want to have to wait until the weekend to take photos to show you, so had to make do with the following picture -
Tina's Allsorts, Dress a Girl
This is hung on the side of the shed where there was still a little daylight, so you can see the fabric colour properly. It's a lovely soft mink brown with little peach flowers and green leaves. The contrast fabric, by the same designer, has a pattern of peaches (?) and leaves that are exactly the same peach and green shades.
I opted for 2 pockets on the front for this dress. Not done that before. And they had some contrast "piping" near the top edge and curved bottom corners.
I think to finish it off, I'll use the contrast fabric to make a bow, or a flower to go in the centre of the neck edge.
I'm very pleased with how it turned out and although I had also bought some mauve fabric, I'll wait until the weekend before I make it. Give my poor old back a rest...

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