Sunday, 9 August 2015

Soft hearts & smiley faces

I spent this afternoon making the little what-nots to go in the pockets of all the dresses I've made before I parcel them up and send off.
Jayne of Dress a Girl had suggested perhaps making smiley faces for the younger children, so I popped to the Range and managed to get a pack of felt in 4 shades of yellow/gold. I decided to trim the edges with pinking shears and then stitch a couple of rows just in from the edge, rather than try and turn them through. I also did them on the sewing machine for speed - I do like everything to be done NOW!
Tina's Allsorts, Smiley Face
They had just a little stuffing popped in before I finished stitching all the way round, and a loop of rick-rack. I think they turned out ok, don't you?? These will go in the pockets of the younger size dresses that I've made.

For the teenagers, I thought fabric hearts, with a little lace. These also have pinked edges.
I've made one adult dress and thought the recipient might like something too! She also gets a heart but it has a hanging loop and decorative button.

I'm glad I decided to get involved with the project. I'm really enjoying sewing again but I'm not ready to get stuck into complicated dressmaking yet. Although that hasn't stopped me from buying fabric for a can sit in the cupboard with all the other fabric I've bought in the last year or 2. Or I'll make girls dresses with it! They're so quick and easy but at the same time, there's lots of scope for dressing them up. And filling the pockets!
Thanks for reading and I hope I manage to inspire at least one person to join in, even in a small way.

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