Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Oooh, look what I found

I was just hunting through some folders of photos on the pc looking for something and came across this -

This is a little needle case that I made for a friend's birthday a couple of years ago. All my own design with the cover and sheep's body being crocheted, and I used a fancy Aida ribbon to make the pages inside. I popped in a few pretty heart pins to finish it off.

I made lots of these little sheep at one point. Most were made as brooches, with the few remaining used on mug hugs and this little fella on a needle case.
He's very easy to make - just a bit of a fiddle!! I don't know that I ever actually wrote the pattern down anywhere as I made him up as I went along. The body is made from boucle yarn in an oval shape, with "string" legs stitched to the back. I think I cut an oval from stiff interfacing and slip stitched the body to it, adding a little stuffing to make him plump before cutting out a simple head shape from black felt and gluing it on.
Maybe I should sit and write the pattern up and put it on my Ravelry page??
I got a bit carried away with the sheep at one point when I saw a bobbly crocheted drawstring bag that held a bar of soap. And I thought "baaaaa of soap"...


  1. Ewe are so clever! Definately a must for a Ravelry pattern :)

    1. Thanks Josie!
      I am thinking of making some more sheepy things, so I'll be writing the pattern as I go along I think. Don't hold your breath though!
      Tina x