Monday, 7 September 2015

Summer's last Hurrah...

The weather has finally decided to brighten. It's been a lovely weekend of blue skies and sunshine, with just a slight nip in the air to remind you that it's September now. I was beginning to think we wouldn't see the sun again...
I managed to get out and have a long walk at Hilliers, and also did a lot of measuring and sewing... A lady at work asked if I'd finish making her curtains for her on my new "work from home day". She cut them out at least 2 1/2 years ago but didn't actually manage to sew them for one reason and another. But they're nearly done now.

But why the Last Hurrah??? Well, my wonderful lily has nearly finished flowering and is having one last "hurrah". Most of the blooms have been cut and brought indoors and displayed in champagne glasses - did I mention that before?? There's just the last few left now, so I thought I'd leave them on the plant. Three flowers open and 2 fat buds still to come. Soon!

It's been absolutely fabulous this year and a complete JOY to see them. And smell them as they have the most amazing sweet vanilla fragrance. But it's just about over until next year. Once all the foliage has died down, I must try and remember to scrape off a little of the soil and replace it with fresh. I did tip the whole lot out last year and replant (in the same big pot) with fresh compost, which could explain why it did so well this year, although it was also in a different position in the garden so may have got more light. Either way, it been stunning this year.

With all the curtain making there hasn't been any time to make shorts during my first 3 day weekend, so I might try and make a pair or two in the evenings before I get them posted off by the end of the week. I must try and make some more smiley faces too - they were fun.

That's all for now. It will feel strange going to work tomorrow thinking it's Monday when it will actually be Tuesday... I'll let you know how that one goes!

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