Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Itchen Navigation & the Beach

The weather has been glorious again this weekend - far too good to stay home. I decided a bit of exercise was in order, so yesterday, I took a good long walk along part of the Itchen Navigation and today, I popped down to Lee on the Solent for some sea air.
The Itchen Navigation is a footpath that runs from Southampton to Winchester, following the River Itchen. As the name suggests.
I parked at Woodmill and walked up to Mansbridge where I joined the footpath. I've not done this walk before but knew I wouldn't have time to do it all. Or have the energy - it's 12 miles to Winchester!!
But I walked for about an hour and a half before heading back. Here are a few snaps along the way.

It was a lovely walk - even though part of it runs right next to the M27! You can see the traffic rushing past, never mind the noise! And the planes that come right overhead as they come in to land. But the footpath soon turned away and it was a very peaceful walk. And I saw hardly anyone, just a jogger or two. 

Today, I decided to head to the sea and a stroll along the beach at Lee-on-the-Solent. I often forget this little gem is so close to home. 
There's a small airstrip right by the sea and there were lots of gliders being towed up, although I was never in the right place to get a good shot.
Not many people were on the beach at all considering what a lovely day it was - I almost had it to myself! I tried to walk mostly on the beach rather than the prom and every so often would come across a little patch of sand with amazing ripple patterns left behind by the waves. It was very tempting to take my shoes and socks off and dig my toes in!! Had I been wearing sandles I probably would have!
It looked like there was a yacht  race going on out on the Solent - although the yachts look very small in my photo, they were a long way offshore, so must have actually been pretty large. Before heading home, I had to have a 99 - not had one of those for a long time and then wrote a bit of graffiti in the sand. Great fun!!

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