Saturday, 10 October 2015

A leaving gift

One of the ladies at work is leaving and I thought it might be nice if I made a couple of little things for her as a leaving gift. I settled on a zipped purse measuring approx 7" x 3" - I thought she could either use it for her crochet hook and scissors etc, or a pencil case at her new job. Along with a diary for next year with a matching cover. It's A6 size, so can be used on any standard sized notebook as well.

Tina's Allsorts, zipped purse

Whilst searching through my stash for trimmings, I came across a small reel of printed ribbon with the word Love and thought it might look nice to stitch a little piece to the lining. It looked so good I think I'll be doing that again! I bought some pink gauze ribbon and a single glass bead to tie to the zip pull. I want to get some labels made printed with Tina's Allsorts to stitch in the side seam inside (or maybe on the outside) but I've not had chance yet.

I gave them to her yesterday (along with a Friday doughnut!!) and I think she liked them. Although she may not have been keen on the pink!

Today, I went to the opticians to collect my new glasses - varifocals this time, along with a separate pair for computer work. I've heard a lot of horror stories about varifocals and how hard they are to get used to but personally, I put them on and they were simply amazing! 
I can't wait to try out the computer glasses at work too, as I've needed a new prescription in them for ages. I've got them on now but the laptop sits closer to me than the screen at work so they're not quite right -  but a lot better than my eight year old reading glasses that I had been using at home!

Tomorrow I'll get to try the varifocals out when sewing. Hopefully, I'll be able to see clearly for measuring an cutting, as well as stitching. I had the camera out earlier and could actually see the screen properly!! This is what I took a photo of - 

While trying out the varifocals, I was wandering round Sainsburys reading all the labels - yes really, it was brilliant! - I saw this bar of chocolate. I couldn't believe it. Someone has actually made a bar of chocolate with salty cracker in it!! All my friends think I'm very strange because I love to eat chocolate and crisps in the same mouthful. Now they've made it!!
Naturally I bought a bar - it's only small - I'll have it later with a cup of coffee.
I also bought flowers for the lovely lady in the opticians who went beyond the call of duty to help me choose frames and lenses etc.

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