Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Woo Hoo!!

Woo Hoo!! I've been offered a job to fill my Mondays!!!    :-)
I noticed the local craft shop emporium was advertising for part time staff, so I popped in for a chat with the owner. (I had asked before, when I first had my hours reduced but they had nothing available at the time.) The staff in there are all lovely and I've been a customer for eight years now, so I was chuffed to bits when she just said, yes, OK, can you start next Monday? It was the most informal interview I've ever had. Very refreshing.
I haven't worked in a shop for a very long time. And never in a craft shop. I'm slightly worried about how many things I'll be wanting to make as my head starts to fill with more and more ideas...
It's only until Christmas initially, to see how I get on and whether we like each other etc but it will be very good to have something structured to fill my Mondays again. My poor old body clock still doesn't know what day it is...Or the month come to that! Is it just me or has this year just flown by? It doesn't seem possible that it's almost half way through November already - the Christmas market opens next week!

I'll still do the craft fair in December with my niece of course but will have less time to make anything else to sell. I'm glad I've tried to keep myself busy over the last few weeks preparing for it - I really did try to take the attitude that I had a work-from-home day, not another day off.

I do feel somewhat guilty that I haven't had time to make any dresses or shorts for "Dress a Girl" for ages now. And I have yet to find the time to make the Flowers for Memories brooches I had planned on doing either. I did think I might be able to make them during lunch breaks but they have been getting shorter lately as work has now become really busy for a variety of reasons. But I will make them.  I will!

And I may not have as much time to blog in the run up to Christmas either. I've got to squeeze in some christmas shopping too...

Anyway, that's all for now, I just wanted to share my news. A new job...exciting but a bit scary too. Wish me luck!!

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