Saturday, 13 February 2016

All sold!!

All my little Pocket Love hearts sold!!! Every last one! Two ladies at work bought 16 between them - I even had to make some extras for someone who missed out!!!

I raised a total of £60 to be split between MacMillan's  and Compassion. (Compassion have several areas you can donate to, so I opted for Water of Life, which provides water filters that take dirty water and turn it into something drinkable.)

I'm so pleased they sold - I was genuinely worried I would bring the whole lot back home again. The ladies at work are very generous though and I shouldn't have doubted. One lady chose 7 for her little girl with the intention of hiding them in her pockets and around the house, so she'll keep coming across them. What a lovely idea!!

I'm on holiday at the end of next week - yes! I'll actually getting a break from work!! - so I might make a few more then. And maybe a couple of dresses for Dress A Girl. It's about time I made them some more dresses, I get so many visitors to my blog via their website. I often wonder if the dresses and shorts I made last year are being worn somewhere in the world. What did the children think of them? I think the boys shorts were destined for Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in South Western Uganda. They might be there by now...
Yes, I really should make some more. I still have ample fabric after all...

A happy photo to finish with ~

UPDATE: The lady who bought 7 for her daughter? She loved them so much that she insisted on putting them all in her pocket and taking them to nursery the next day, where she proceeded to hand them out amongst her friends! And that's exactly what I intended them for.

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