Saturday, 5 March 2016

I bought some patterns

 I was looking at the sewing magazines this week and saw that a couple had a basic dress pattern that I might be able to adapt as a teenage size for Dress a Girl. It bothers me that I haven't been able to find a larger size peasant dress online, and  thought why not buy the mags and have  good read, then use the patterns to make my own teenage peasant dress pattern? I've never had any training in pattern drafting but I know it's not as easy as you'd think.

This first pattern by McCalls has the peasant style sleeves in the yellow version, although the skirt is separate and cut on the bias.

This one by New Look is A line but has a dart at the bustline which I need to try and "lose" - darts will make it too fitted for what I'm doing.
I'm hoping  (with my fingers tightly crossed!) that I can combine the two. I had had a quick look through the pattern books in C&H Fabrics but the only thing I could see was in the expensive book...
So I went for the magazines when I saw them.

Shame I forgot to buy a packet of dress makers tissue paper...
I'll take photos along the way and if all goes well, I'll share them. If it goes really well, I might do a write up on what I did so you can try and follow it.

I think I've mentioned Sew Magazine before. If you sign up to their website you can access lots of free patterns (and I've never had any junk mail.)
Including this cute bunny. Last summer there was a dolly pattern in a similar shape and I think I've seen a dog/teddy as well.

PS  I've just had a quick look through last years magazines and came across this one - perfect!!

Need to make the pockets for last week's dresses first though. One job at a time. 😊

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