Saturday, 16 July 2016

Coming along nicely

Both the latest bargello cushion panel and the crochet cardigan are coming along nicely. But that didn't stop me buying some more cotton yarn to make a little purple bolero to go with a new sundress! I looked at loads of patterns but opted for my favourite method of working - make it up as you go along! I'm basically making a U shape,then fold in half and stitch up the sides to make armholes, then work a border.
No photos of it yet but I do have a couple of others to share.

 Firstly, the crochet cardigan. You can see where I added some vertical rows to the front edge, and I've done the first few rows of the lace "skirt".

And here's my Bargello Flame panel. I decided to do all the bright red curved lines first, then I can hop about the canvas working different colours here and there, as the mood takes me. Or when I run out of a colour at work, I can carry on with another area. The colours work very well together though.

Not sure how much I'll get done this week - I have a week off work and the weather is finally perking up just a bit so I hope to get out and about. And as I want to wear my new sundress I need to get on with the bolero! 
That's all for now - back again soon. 😊

PS Would you believe it, the sundress I bought only 2 weeks ago - and it was new in - is now half price in the sale!!
So I bought another one and will take the first one back! Well I haven't had chance to wear it yet and haven't even cut off the tags...

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