Saturday, 21 January 2017


I was very brave today and finally listed my Peacock Tail Bag for sale on Folksy! I'd set up my own little shop called,  naturally enough,  TinasAllsorts, over a month ago but this is my first listing. Whether it sells remains to be seen!
I put a link on Facebook which has already had over 80 likes but I don't know if anyone has followed the link to Folksy. Hope I haven't overpriced it... I'll let you know if it sells!

I've been very busy this week with the second Woodland Walk Blanket. I'm two thirds done already. I'm making it a fraction narrower so I can hopefully do a bit more of a border. Not much more - just a bit.

Remember what I jokingly said recently about being worried about the Russians? ... Look at this screen shot of my Stripey Blanket from Pinterest. Yes, MY Stripey Blanket. Can you see where it was saved from? Ravelry? My blog? No.
I don't think there was even a like to the original source. Ah well. I knew it would happen.
It's had a huge number of re pins from one source or another, so it's nice to know so many people like it.
Another picture that's been getting a lot of interest on Pinterest  (sorry!) lately is this one of my Rippling Clusters Blanket -

Tina's Allsorts, Rippling Clusters Blanket

I wonder how many people pin it then pop across here? If you have just done so, welcome! I always meant to go back and write a little more about how I made it. Maybe I will find the time now. Maybe. ..

That's all for tonight - fingers crossed for a sale on Folksy!


  1. How exciting - I have never gone down the route of setting up a shop and selling my stuff, although my husband tells me I should! The main reason I've resisted is knowing what to charge, I would be mightily miffed if people wanted to pay pennies for hours and hours of work, so no I don't think you've set the price too high. Good luck and it looks lovely!

    1. Thanks Josie!!
      I'm surprised you don't sell your work - it's amazing.
      The Folksy shop was really easy to set up - it's had 8 views this week, which is a good start I think. No sale yet but it's early days.
      And how did I set my price? I decided to add up all the costs and rounded it up to the nearest £5 for this one. I'm happy with covering my costs rather than making a profit for the time being.
      Go on, give it a go!
      Tina ;-)