Wednesday, 15 February 2017

A warm and snuggly anniversary

Wow! Look! 18,999 views of my little blog!!

I've almost reached my 2nd anniversary now and never expected to get many views at all. I still don't... Although to be fair, a lot of the views are just robots I know!! And why is it a warm and snuggly anniversary??

That'll be down to the Winter Berry Blanket which is progressing very nicely thankyou, and is very good for snuggling under while I'm working on it!! I need to weigh the wool that's left to see if there's enough for one more pattern repeat before I do a border. I doubt there will be as I'd like to do a 3 row border ideally. Just 3 rows of trebles in different colours, maybe with a row of bobbles all the way round if there's enough...
Time to get out the digital scales and calculator I think!!

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