Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A Starry Ta - Dah!

The Star "Blanket" is finished!! I can't quite believe how fast I was able to finish it, when I think how long it took originally to start joining all 93 pesky stars together. Probably only about 5 hours work to join the stars - and only 2 ends to stitch in not 86!!
I joined the final row of stars last night and then decided to do a final round of DC all the way round the edge, adding a picot to most of the star points as I reached them.
I just need to wash and block it now. And it will need quite a bit of blocking to make sure it stays flat and doesn't want to just curl at the edges - steam blocking maybe?? We'll see.

I took one (not very well lit) photo when it was done and I think you can just see a picot or too on the far edge. I'll try and get some better photos at the weekend.

Tina's Allsorts, Star Throw

The planning for the next project(s) is well under way and the wool has arrived early at work, so I'll be popping in at lunchtime to go and drool and choose!!! Woo Hoo!!!

PS Here's a couple more photos -

Tina's Allsorts, Star Throw

Tina's Allsorts, Star Throw


  1. Hi do you have a pattern for the star blanket ?

    1. Hi, I didn't have a pattern as such. If you click the link in the right hand sidebar for my Ravelry page, then find the project page for the Star Blanket, you'll find links to make the stars and join them.
      Thanks for your interest,