Saturday, 4 March 2017


So, the virus shawl is going quite well. I finished ball one and got out ball 2. I had to wind off quite a lot because it started at a different colour from where ball 1 finished.  I get to what I think is the right place and start working but then I find a knot,and it goes from purple straight to mustard, when it should be red, pinkish, orange, mustard, pinkish, red, purple.
ARRGGHHHHH!!!!!!!! What do I do?  This is just so annoying! !!

Tina's Allsorts, Virus Shawl

This is how it looks so far and whilst I like the colours, to be completely honest, I don't like working with the wool - it almost feels a bit thin for double-knit, and the pattern is just soooooooo boring. I don't know quite what all the fuss was about with this pattern being so popular. But then I don't normally mind repetitive patterns, so maybe it's just me.
I don't think I'll be making another though!!

We had a frosty start to the week and it made some lovely feathery patterns on the car. Really pretty, and you can see the circles I must have made last time I washed it - it was a shame to have to scrape it off!

And everything is coming into bloom again -

Can't wait for a burst of warmer weather. Hopefully it's not too far off...

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