Sunday, 16 July 2017

Coming along nicely

My Leaf Edge Shawl is coming along very nicely - although I do now have quite a bit of pain at the base of my left thumb. I think it's arthritis and I've been getting twinges on and off this year. I  think perhaps it goes hand in hand with the hot flushes!
Anyway, using the circular needles has set it off again. Why don't manufacturers make them with a longer needle part when you buy a long set? I can understand when you're using the short ones but why would I want 6 inch long needles when the full length is 39 inches?!
So I might have to rest it a little today and crochet instead perhaps. Which is a pity as the shawl is going so well. Want a look?  I took some photos. Naturally!
It's been Very hard trying to capture the colour of the yarn in a photo, so some of these look different. I think the first is probably the closest.

Tina's Allsorts, Leaf a edge shawl

I'm slightly concerned that the leaves won't hold their shape when they're blocked as there's a springy twist in the yarn that might make it bounce back to its original shape. I'll have to check that with Barbara, the lady who dyed it.

And I forgot to show you my finished waistcoat. It was just waiting for a fastening of some sort - I settled on a small snap fastener at the top edge, with a button as well for decoration. I'm very pleased with how it turned out and can't wait to wear it. Hot flushes permitting...

Tina's Allsorts, crochet waistcoat

There was the tiniest bit of yarn left - I even unravelled the test square rather than waste it! - and I made this little zipped purse. And I'm wondering what I can do with the last 12 inches left in the needle rather than throw it away. A tiny flower to decorate the purse has been suggested,or maybe a tassel on the zip!

Seriously, 12 inches of yarn...

That's all for today - enjoy your Sunday, T xx

PS  Fancy that! I've just noticed that on the same day last year I wrote a post that was also titled "coming along nicely ", with a picture of a cotton cardigan that went into hibernation shortly afterwards. Maybe that's a sign I should get it out for another look? ?


  1. Your shawl is looking really good Tina, I love the yarn you are using. I hope the problem with your thumb improves, I have the same problem at times - the joy of getting older I guess!

  2. Thanks Jan. My thumb is much better today after 48hrs without knitting. I've done some crochet though! ☺