Sunday, 12 November 2017

Shades of gold

The sky was the most perfect blue today but the wind! Boy, was the wind cold - blowing straight from the North Pole!! Brrrr!!!!

Driving home from the supermarket run I noticed the beech tree at the top of the hill was looking just STUNNING! We have a lot of beech trees in the neighbourhood - indeed, one of the school's I went to is called Beechwood School. We always have lots of local colour to enjoy at this time of year but with the wind doing its best to blow all the leaves off the trees,  I knew I had to go and snap a photo or two today - I won't see them in sunlight again until next Saturday and that may be too late.

So straight after lunch I walked back up the hill with my camera to try and capture the best of the colour.

I love to see the lush, vibrant green along with the shades of gold and copper. 
I carried on round the corner towards the infant school I went to Many years ago! I often played in the woods just outside the school as a child - you could then - and saw these trees.

They used to have bushes around them and we had a cosy den inside!  But the bushes are gone now and the trees are much bigger! 

Seeing these colours today makes me think about making a blanket in autumn colours. I've been pondering about it for a while and it turns out so has Lucy of Attic24 (I'm her greatest fan!). She's about to "release" an autumn colour yarn pack, which I think I might be ordering!!! But what pattern shall I do? There are so many I want to try! Maybe I'll do two at once again??

I hope you managed to enjoy some sunshine today,  wherever you are in the world. Till next time,  T  xXx

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