Sunday, 5 April 2015

Needle-case Ta-Dah!!

Well, here it is!! Mara's needle-case is finally finished.

I've decided to do a photo tutorial on a separate page as there are quite a lot of pics.
Find it here.
There are no measurements given though. I simply made it in a size that would fit inside the little tin I bought to hold the sewing kit I'm putting together for Mara. This little tin here -

Needle-case tutorial
 And as the gingham had it's own built in cutting lines, I had no need for a ruler and cutting mat either, other than when I came to cut the felt pages. The only machine stitched seams are the one to join the front and lining together (to be sure they wouldn't come undone) and attaching the felt pages. Everything else was stitched by hand.
And I don't want to think about how many hours it took by doing (almost) everything by hand - just imagine what dress making must have been like before the invention of the sewing machine?...
Although I haven't followed any one design/tutorial for the inside, if you take a look at the needle-cases I've pinned on Pinterest you'll soon realise mine is a combination of all sorts of designs.
It turned out far better than I could have imagined and has given me an idea for a new design (already) for a blog header.
All the fabulous pink gingham is used now, other than a thumb sized piece - I'm still trying to work out what I can make with it. Maybe incorporate it into a pin cushion for Mara?

I hope you enjoy my first proper tutorial - it was a lot of work but I enjoyed doing it, so might be doing it again.

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