Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Philippines trip

My friend is now in the Philippines on his visit to meet Mara, via the charity Compassion.
Luckily, thanks to the internet that has made the world so much smaller, I've been getting regular updates from him. Remember the days when someone went on holiday and you had to wait until they were home to hear about it? You didn't even know if they arrived safely...
Well, he did arrive safely and met the rest of the group he would be spending time with and said they are all lovely. The organisers have lots of things planned for them during their visit, including seeing local community projects they run and meeting the people that are helped by them, along with plenty of free time.

This is the message I've just had from him, along with a very short video -

"Today was full on. Visited a Compassion Project when it was a Mums and babies (pregnant or children up to 3) project day. They were fabulous and the toddlers absolutely gorgeous. Had a meal with them and then we split into twos and did a home visit to one of their homes. We walked through and over graves in a cemetery to get to where she lived - squeezed in a gap between the cemetery and a filthy stream. Lives in two rooms, wooden shack with corrugated iron but gets full health checks and good support for her and her two children from Compassion. Makes one realise just how privileged we are in the UK. "

Makes you think...

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