Saturday, 11 July 2015

Can't resist a bargain !!!

I took a half day yesterday. A friend at work had invited me to join her and some colleagues for a birthday meal but I was supposed to be having my hair cut at the same time. Luckily, my brilliant but very busy hairdresser, managed to squeeze me in mid afternoon so a half day was called for. I rarely take a half day but I do enjoy them.
Normally I don't have that much time to whiz round the shops in Winchester - I have to do a little each day when there's something I'm after. But I had 2 hours to fill. Woo Hoo! I did a circuit of the charity shops to see if there was anything I fancied but nothing really grabbed me. I'd already found a gorgeous pure silk summer dress earlier in the week - and it was my size and only £9. Bargain! It's looooovely and floaty. I can't wait for a really hot day to wear it as it will feel like I've got nothing on! Then I popped into M&S for a wander.
There's not much left in their sale now - it's mostly all the crap brought in from other branches in tiny/huge sizes. But there was one maxi dress in a size 14 that looked nice. And it was reduced to £18 too. I can never resist a bargain...I decided to try it on, even though I thought it would be too small but lo and behold, it was a perfect fit!! So that was my birthday meal outfit sorted! Shame I didn't see it before I bought the purple dress for my niece's wedding last month, as even full price it was still only half the price. If you see what I mean! Never mind.
I finished my shopping spree in C&H Fabrics. They had a display in the window with some fabrics that were 25% off, so I thought it was worth a look to see if there was anything suitable for Dress a Girl dresses. And I saw this -
Well how does a girl resist?! I thought it would look nice if I did a mid-blue bodice and animal print skirt, so asked for 20cm of blue and 40cm of print. Not having the pattern details with me, I had to guesstimate and figured that would be ample, allowing for seams and hem etc. And it would only cost £7.60, including 25% of the printed fabric. Well, the lady on the desk asked for less than £5 which I queried, as I was worried she'd only cut 20cm of printed fabric but no. It was now 50% off - Bargain!! So I asked for another 40cm!! I'm sure I'll have something plain in the cupboard I can use for the bodice - or I could just about squeeze out the baby size from 40cm I think. I'll have a go tomorrow.
I must go back through all the pins I saved on my Dress a Girl Pinterest board too, and look for a dress with a proper bodice and see if there's a pattern I can download. And boys shorts...I still haven't got round to making any shorts...
Actually, let's just have a quick look now... and yes, THIS by Jen of My Measuring Tape might be just the thing. I can extend the binding round the neck edge to make ties, rather than have buttons. Perfect.

Amongst the sewing now planned for tomorrow, I also need to update my cv. I've been saying for a long time - ooh, 6 years - that I'm going to look for something else but there are now things happening at work which may end up with enforced job hunting, so I thought I'd make a start. I saw something advertised in the press this week which sounded really interesting but I need an up to date cv first.
So if you, or someone you know, is looking for an experienced accounts assistant, able to work proficiently in all ledgers, plus payroll, preferably within 15 miles of Southampton please do let me know...

To finish today, a couple of photos of a lovely apricot rose in the garden.

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