Sunday, 5 July 2015

Where to start? ...

I feel as if I have a lot to say today - not unusual for me! I've written a little list of what I'd like to bore you with talk about, so I'll just get stuck in and see how far I get.

First up - Dress a Girl Around the World (have a look HERE).
I'm still sewing away making dresses for this project - and thoroughly enjoying the process too, I must say. I'm quite getting back into sewing - it was my first love in the crafting world and I have hopped from craft to craft over the years but I do seem to have come full circle. The main reason I moved away from sewing was that it started playing havoc with my back - only to be expected I suppose when you sit hunched over the sewing machine for a whole weekend at a time! I'm trying not to sit there too long these days but it really helps that the dresses are quick and easy to make anyway. I made another 2 yesterday and one more today. Am I using my stash of quilting fabrics? Like hell I am!! Having discovered that the local fabric shop has a small range of Rose & Hubble cottons at £5 per metre, how does a girl resist?...
I've made 11 so far. Would you like to see?
The longer dresses in the photos are in the largest size requested, age 12-14. They have a slit either in the side or the back, plus a contrast pocket. One of the blogs I looked at when hunting for patterns and info, suggested putting the pocket on the side rather than the front. That way the dress is reversible should it become ripped or stained perhaps. I thought that was a sensible idea (sensible being my middle name...) so have done that with most of the dresses I've made so far.
Dress a Girl Around the WorldDress a Girl Around the World

On the left, is the little dress I made with a t-shirt as the bodice. It turned out ok I think, although I'm not sure what will happen with vigorous washing etc...I have another t-shirt but haven't used it yet. On the right is a toddler size dress that took just half a metre of fabric - is the pocket too big?...

Dress a Girl Around the World
Dress a Girl Around the World

And the 2 on the right of course, are the first two I made. Two months ago now - doesn't seem that long.

Next on my list is facebook of all things. I always used to say that I would never have a facebook account and it was a waste of time - try talking to each other! But I joined up in April so I could see what a friend was up to in the Philippines (here's a little of his trip HERE.) He told me about someone else making dresses, so I looked her up on facebook and found out about the Dress a Girl project. I would never have known about it otherwise. I was even able to send her a message without knowing her email address.
And for those friends who do put a lot on their page, I almost feel as if we've had a little catch-up. So yes, facebook does have it's place in the world I suppose. And yes, I also have a page to go with the blog - although I hardly ever put anything on it! Must try harder with that. So if you've followed the link in the side bar and found little on it, I'm sorry...One day I'll join the 20th century and get a smart phone so I can post all sorts of rubbish all day! Or maybe not.

Third on the list was to share some photos from my recent visits to Hilliers along with the roses and lillies blooming at home in the garden but on second thoughts, I'm still toying with the idea of having a separate blog just for them having been inspired by Sandra, so I'll leave them for another day.

I had another trip to the Mayflower this week, to see The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time. This was the set for the entire production -

If you look closely you can see the Dog in question, lying murdered on the stage! It was a very good production - I can see why it won so many awards. And the actor who took the role of the central character Steven was very good. Steven reminded me of someone I used to work with - the voice, the mannerisms, the way he said things, even what he said. Spooky!

I also had a bit of excitement in my "online life", as well as some sad news. Sad first.
I saw something on Pinterest that said the author of one of the (many) blogs I look at regularly had died. Winkie Flash of a creative being succumbed to a particularly bad bout of depression and took her own life. I feel as if I've almost lost a friend, as I've used several of her patterns myself and she filled her blog with so much fun and colour. So sad...

And the excitement? Well, again on Pinterest (don't you just LOVE Pinterest??) I saw a stripey crochet blanket, much like my own (HERE) but in brighter colours. Well, I pinned it - naturally - then followed the link to Ravelry to see who made it. Her name is Hannah Davis and after giving a bit of info about her blanket she said it was inspired by Julie of Little Woollie and ME!! Yes, little old ME! Woo Hoo!! Who'd a thunk it??!! She also has a nice blog with the most amazing tutorial to help you make your own blanket - even a complete beginner could follow her instructions. They are so clear and include step by step photos that are beautifully composed and shot. Well done Hannah! Oh yes - and she's on facebook!

Well, I think that's everything on my list. I might even go and update facebook now. Might...

RIP  Winkie Flash

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