Sunday, 28 August 2016

Peacock Tail Bag CAL part 2

Part 2 of the Peacock Tail Bag CAL was released on Wednesday and I think I spent quite a lot of yesterday working on it!! I've even joined the facebook group to see what other people are doing.

Here's a link to Tatsiana's Ravelry pattern, and her blog pattern link (scroll right down for the pattern itself). And video tutorials by Esther of It's all in a Nutshell.

The original set of yarns that I bought included gold. I may still use it but I'm not sure. As with any project where you haven't properly planned your colours and you're "making do" with what you have, there was a bit of unpicking and re-working.
I wasn't completely happy with how it was looking after part one. The pastel colours looked very muddy and the 2 bright colours looked just too bright. Then I decided to add another colour - the variegated pink that I'm using for my crochet cardigan. (Let's face it - that thing's never going to be finished...)
It's from the same range, so is exactly the same thickness and starts with the pale pink I'm using, then progresses to deep fuchsia. It made such a huge difference, that I completely started the back again and made it using the same colours as the front, when I had planned on putting them in a different order. I may not use the gold at all but if I do, it won't appear until I get toward the outer edges of the bag. I wonder if it's available in a variegated version?...

I think I've got the shapings just about right. It's a slightly complicated pattern that you need to read very carefully before you start each row and the video tutorials certainly helped. Indeed, it was while watching the video for part 2 that I realised I've done my bobbles completely wrong. But I kind of like them the way they are, so they're staying!!

Want to see??...

Tina's Allsorts, Peacock Tail Bag CAL

Tina's Allsorts, Peacock Tail Bag CAL

Tina's Allsorts, Peacock Tail Bag CAL

Tina's Allsorts, Peacock Tail Bag CAL

Originally I had thought I might do the back patterned as well, when it's supposed to be just stripes but having read the guidelines, Tatsiana warns that you might run out of some colours if you don't work to the same tension as the pattern. And as overlay crochet (that's what this type of crochet is called) uses a lot more yarn and I bought my colours in the sale, I'd probably run out at some point. So...I've decided for the back, rather than just the stripes in the pattern, I'd at least add in some "posts" - you see those long stitches that lay over the top of another colour and point towards the centre. Or lead away from it, depending on your viewpoint. What do you think?? Is it looking ok so far??
And I've already started doing tours of the charity shops for a cheap handbag with just the right strap! The whole CAL lasts seven weeks. Six parts for the actual crochet and the final part is making and attaching a fabric lining. But will I still like it when it's finished?....

Enjoy the (damp) bank holiday! T x

PS The Bargello Alliums is progressing nicely and now has dark green in all the little spaces. Photos next time.

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