Thursday, 29 September 2016

Meet Lucy!!

Meet Lucy - my very own Yarndale Sheep!!!

Remember I mentioned my Sheepish Sheep earlier this month, that I only made and sent off to Yarndale just in time?

Well, I decided to pop an SAE inside the envelope with her, along with a note and a donation, asking if they might be able to "buy" a sheep and send her winging her way to me.
I didn't think they would as I could guess just how busy they were all going to be. So imagine my delight when I arrived home from a really rubbish day in the office yesterday to find a squishy squidgy envelope waiting for me containing my very own sheep!!! Isn't she gorgeous?!! 

You know, she looks really familiar. Maybe because her little jacket is the same colour as one in the pic above from the pattern. But I can't help feeling I've seen her on someone's blog. Do you recognise her?? Please let me know if you do!
I've decided to call her Lucy in honour of Lucy of Attic24 would wrote the crochet instructions and took all the fab photos to go with it.

I took her into work today for a little look around the office.

I think she quite enjoyed frolicking amongst the windowsill plants

Looking out the window at the Deanery.

She took quite a shine to Shaun!!

Then she met the rest of the Team.

I wasn't the only person inspired to make a sheep by any means! I came across a Postcard From Gibraltar the other day when I was looking at other sheep. (Yes. Sad, I know.) Reading through some of her blog brought back happy memories of a holiday there several years ago - her blog is well worth a look and I'll be going back for a longer read soon.

Anyway, back to the sheep! There were over 700 in the flock and their sale raised over £3,000 for Martin House Hospice! I saw a note on facebook to say the hospice would be happy to still receive sheep to sell to raise funds, so maybe one day I'll make another sheep or two.

I will get to Yarndale myself one day. I will... and I might just take Lucy along for the trip!

I still can't believe I've got my very own Yarndale Sheep!! I wonder where my Sheepish Sheep is living now?... Is she with you? Have you found the heart hidden under her coat?? I wonder...

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