Saturday, 14 January 2017

I couldn't resist ...

I went to get the rest of the wool I had put by for the Woodland Walk Blanket and naturally had a look at what else they had while I was there. And guess what? There was something else I really liked that was in the sale! Only £1.50 a ball! It seemed a shame not to buy it. And I thought I should get extra this time. Just in case. Want to see?

There are 5 colours and I wanted two of each but they only had one left of the greyish mauve (2nd right in the bottom pic). But I can work round that. Perfect for another stripey blanket. When I get time!

While I was there, another lady was also choosing a selection of pinks,blues and greys and asked my opinion.  They work well together I said - what are you making? Well, I've seen this Mandala Madness blanket online. ... I laughed and said I knew exactly what she meant. I too have been tempted but only did the very centre as a cushion cover, this time last year. It's a small world.

My lovely Blackie was safely delivered to her new home last night. She really wasn't happy going in th cat basket again and when we got there and I let her jump out, she crawled on her belly to the nearest hiding place and wouldn't come out. Poor thing - she clearly thought she was going to have unspeakable things done to her again.
But I hear she did come out eventually and has been eating and made herself at home on the sofa. Just not my sofa...

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