Sunday, 19 July 2015

A busy week planned

I'm on holiday this week. A holiday from home, or "stay-cation" as some people call it. I did have plans for a week away but they fell through, which as it turns out may have been a good thing as I have begun the dreaded job hunting...In fact, I have the first interview with a rather interesting looking company tomorrow morning! Not had an interview for nearly eight years...
My cv is now updated and has also been sent off to another company. I don't want to go flat out applying for just anything. I want something that will tick all the boxes. Fingers crossed. Or thumbs out, as a friend said!

I also want to squeeze in some garden visiting, some sewing, catching up with friends etc. And jam making - although I've actually done that already today! A small batch each of strawberry and blackberry.

After tomorrow's (scary!) interview, I'll be heading to Mottisfont to meet a friend for lunch, a walk, a good natter and lots of photos.I didn't make it out there in June to see the roses but it's usually lovely throughout the summer and the river walk is not to be missed. (And I'm still thinking about a second blog dedicated to just photos. The only thing holding me back is a name for it... Ideally, I'd like a word that means "beautiful image". Do you know one???)

And the sewing? A dress or two, plus a new project!
Naturally, I bought more fabric yesterday...I needed fabric for the new project but couldn't stop myself from buying some for Dress a Girl. It's a 60" wide fabric, so I might make a "Momma Dress". Or I'll trim it down a little and make a girls dress and use the trimmings to make a little bag.

And the new project? -  chicken doorstops. Someone asked me for 3 of these months ago and I completely forgot! Luckily, they were planning ahead and thinking of Christmas. I made some of these doorstops a couple of years ago when I was still doing the Art & Design Market, with some adaptations, along with matching paperweights. They sold very quickly!

The lady who has requested 3 of them said she didn't mind what colour, as long as it wasn't brown. Plus they can all be the same, which helps. There were a lot of fabrics to choose from, as you can imagine! In the end and with some very helpful assistance from one of the staff at my local fabric store, I've chosen a hot pink retro print for the main body and lime green for the base - soft versions, not bright in your face. Plus some thermal curtain lining to make the inner sand bag, as the sand doesn't come through as the weave is so tight.
The lighting was a bit bright when I took this, so you can't really see the lime green colour of the plain fabric properly. But it's definitely lime, trust me! Not sure quite what day I'll get round to making them but when the day arrives I'll be sure to take lots of photos along the way and write up a tutorial. (There are lots of tutorials available for these chickens. Here's the LINK to the original one I used but as I say, I adapted the pattern along the way, not least by having my chickens "face" the other way.)
They're quite simple to make and very handy. I have one myself in shades of peaches and cream. Part of a whole set of fabrics I bought years ago to make a quilt. I'll make it one day...

I'm hoping to visit Kew Gardens this week too. I Love it there - I just wish it wasn't so far away!! And I wouldn't say no to a trip to the beach for some sea air either! And a massage. And a spot of lunch. Maybe a trip to the cinema???
Either way, I'm sure to take loads of photos to bore you with later!! (Although maybe not photos of the massage...)

Hope you enjoy your week too...

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