Wednesday, 7 December 2016

A hat to skate in?

My hat is finished! It didn't take too long to make once I got going - I even managed to work the last few rows on some old double pointed needles. It was a bit too long, so I unpicked back to the start of the shaping and did bigger decreases over fewer rows. I blocked it over a pudding bowl and made a big shaggy pom pom to top it off. I just need a cold day to wear it now. ..

The ice rink and Christmas Market are in full swing at work. Which means more work than I can actually keep up with and crowds of people to battle through every time I leave the building. And the smells. I'm right above the food court and we've had burger and fries drifting in the windows all day! Very expensive burgers...
This is my tenth Christmas and there have been a lot of changes over the years. This next photo is from 2007.

And this is 2016! What a difference. 

It's quite funny listening to new staff who are looking forward to the market. I tell them the novelty wears off by year 3 and you'll be counting the days until it closes! (There are 13 in case you are counting!)
If you're planning to visit, take my advice and come on a week day. If you must come at the weekend, get parked early, go for breakfast in town and go to the market when it opens at 10am. If you come later, you may have to queue to get in then be swept along on a tide of sardines!
And no I won't be skating - not even in my new hat! Knowing my luck I'd fall over - or be pushed over, and break something... Don't want that really. 

You know, I'm sure there was something crafty I was going to tell you but it escapes me right now. Ah well, there's always next time. 
Once we get Christmas out of the way, I'll try and start a new project - although I don't know what it will be yet! There isn't time for anything before then. I won't even get the allium bargello cushion cover finished - so clearly it won't be a present! That means I need to think of another present and I haven't really done any shopping yet. I blame the curse of the Christmas Market - I get Christmas all year round, so when it finally arrives I don't want it! At least not until it's really too late to do anything, then I feel guilty for being such a scrooge! I can't win...

Hope your Christmas preparations are going better than mine! 
Til next time,  T 😆😆😆

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